Nathan D. Buzdor
Resumé as Programmer and Instructor
3335 Cambrey, Lansing MI 48906
517-321-6690 (H) / 517-449-1952 (M)

Career Objective:

Looking for opportunities to practice high-level enterprise programming while keeping my fundamentals current with new technology. Interested in full-time programming, development, and system analysis work in .NET (C#, ADO, ASP, VB), Java, ASP Classic, PHP, DHTML/JavaScript, SQL, C/C++, and Visual Basic 6.

I expect to be required to learn and keep current with emerging technologies.
Work Experience:

Independent Consulting for several individuals and companies; 2003-Present
Clients include Lighthouse ST, Emmanuel Homeschool Center, Greater Lansing First Assembly of God church, and more. Work includes design and implementation of e-commerce websites, corporate planning, website rescue, Flash programming, database integration, and website administration.

Adjunct Faculty with Lansing Community College; Fall Semester 2003
Taught CPSC 120 for the Math and Computer Science Department. Responsible for class instruction, lab oversight, assessment, and office hours. Developed own syllabus, curriculum, assignments, projects, quizzes, and tests. Attended MichMATYC 2003. Taught a very diverse group of students, including several international students. Developed a new grading system that emphasizes each student's learning style's strengths.

Software Developer with ProjectVillage, LLC; June 2002-August 2003
Hired to continue work on an extensive custom application for enterprise- and industry-wide database application with DHTML and JavaScript front-end, Visual BASIC middleware, and extensive SQL-Server data and information warehousing at the core. Worked on all levels of the product itself, as well as customer and user interaction, development analysis, and vision building.

Teaching Assistant with the University of Toledo; August 2001-May 2002
Responsibilities included full classroom responsibilities for sections of Calculus, Business Math, and Math for Educators; developing a program to use emerging computer technology for the teaching of mathematics at the Calculus level; tutoring students in a learning center covering most math classes taught at the University; holding office hours; and professional development.

Software Engineer with Alphalogic Systems, Inc; February 2000-January 2002
Entered this web development company to provide Visual BASIC support for emerging middleware technology. Involved in all levels of the development process, from customer interaction and system analysis, covering purchasing and hardware decisions, through design and database construction, to the local and remote deployment of multi-level, multi-machine applications. In-depth documentation of both products and in-house procedures was primarily my responsibility for projects to which I was assigned.

Formal Education:

2001-2003 Master of Arts in Pure Mathematics at the University of Toledo. Concentration in Algebra and Topology. Assisted in developing a new programs to use computing technology to teach Mathematics at the University. 4.0 GPA for graduate work.

1995-1999 Bachelor of Education in Math and Computer Science at the University of Toledo. Involved in developing the Math and Computer Science Education curriculum. 3.8 GPA maintained.

More detail at my Educational background page.

Professional Profile:

Computer experience in several dozen flavors of Operating Systems and packages including Windows, LiNUX, VMS, Office, Visual Studio, Macromedia Suite, and more (see Packages Page). Programming experience in sequential and nonsequential languages including Visual Basic, SQL, C++, Office Macros, ASP, Java, JavaScript, DHTML, and more (see Languages Page). Computer lab supervision and disaster recovery experience. Hardware experience in computer construction, repair, and upgrading.
Teaching experience at Lansing Community College in the Math and Computer Science Department and through the University of Toledo's Graduate program including full classroom responsibilities for sections of Calculus, Business Math, and Math for Educators. Also involved in developing a program to use computing technology to teach Mathematics at the University. Undergraduate student teaching at Toledo's Washington School District Whitmer High School included Visual Basic Programming and Algebra.
Math background includes but is not limited to General and Algebraic Topology, Linear and Abstract Algebra, Real and Complex Analysis, and Philosophy of Mathematics. Master of Arts degree reflects emphasis on theory rather than computation.


Volunteered for over 10 years with the children's ministry at my local church (Calvary Assembly of God). Spent summer of 1997 working on a Mercy Ship that performs humanitarian work in third world port cities. Studied overseas during summer of 1999. Started own company during summer of 2002. Member of .NET User Group of Northwest Ohio. Reader of C.S. Lewis works in all genres. Welcome challenges.

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Resume as Programmer and Instructor